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Range Rover Accessories

  • Oil filters: Some of the risks involved in oil filters are that they block quickly hence the emergency bypass valve open leading to supplying of unfiltered oil to the engine and damaging its components, secondly the blocked filter leads to engine wear and tear and increase in emission output and lastly; the sealing ability is compromised since failure of engine takes place causing low oil pressure.
  • Fuel filters: Poor filters may lead to contamination by dirt or dust and hence efficient fuel filters help in preventing contamination at microscopic levels, filter- water from the diesel fuel, maintains a controlled and precise flow of fuel to the engine and provides optimum protection. Hence these are always tested for their durability, corrosion, pressure cycle and safety crash testing.
  • Exhausts: Exhausts help in increasing the engine efficiency and performance and in fuel economy. This vehicle is very popular for its sleek and noiseless driving experience and the exhausts play a main role in reducing the noise of the engine and is made up of stainless steel; designed to be robust and durable; sufficient to withstand 7000C.
  • Brakes: the brakes are tested against all the worrisome and generally defect-causing braking system. Hence these brakes are tested under extreme weather and temperature to overcome the break squeal and juddering. The brake pads and discs are tested in various locations ranging from dusty and scorching heat to sub-zero climates to gauge the performance.
  • Wheels: The wheels are made up of alloy for optimum strength, durability, safer clearance, prevention of corrosion, safety and efficient shock absorption and are considered to be vital aspect in range rover sport accessories.
  • Air filters: Air filter if damaged can cause disruption in air flow leading to compromising of engine performance and fuel economy. Hence they are designed to minimize the air flow and control the flow of clean air to engine for better efficiency.