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Pack Wheel Spacers

Select the right spacers

One you go to the seller, tell him about you vehicle make and the model for the spacer that you are interested in. You can also ask for a catalogue of the best wheel spacers that are being sold by the dealer. The similar details should be available on the website of the dealer too. Once you are satisfied with the technical specifications, you can place your order. There should be options of online order too, as per the modern day needs of business. Support contact must also be provided on the site in case any problem is faced.

Should be fitted by an expert

The wheel spacers once are delivered to you must be fitted onto your vehicle by expert mechanics. Proper guidelines for fitting must be furnished alongside with the products during dispatch. These need to be abided by for the correct functioning of the best wheel spacers for your vehicle. The fittings must not be done by a novice person as he may not be able to do it properly. This can increase the chances of accidents too. Once properly fitted, these can be really marvelous in terms of the result produced.

Clean the lugs first before attachment

The fitting of the spacers must be carried out firmly and securely. There should be no gaps between the spacers and the wheel or the hub. This can be avoided by the proper use of packs and bearings. The spacers must be totally clean. If replacement is being done, it has to be seen that there are no rusts or dirt on the lugs where these items would be attached. Proper usage of rugs and wired brushes should be made so that the parts are totally free from grease and dirt.