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Maintain Car Engine

1, use the appropriate lubricants. Gasoline motor should use SD-SF gasoline engine oil into the exhaust system in accordance with attachments and conditions of use; diesel motor will have to use CB-CD diesel motor oil level according to the mechanical load, a standard not lower than the manufacturer requirements prevail

2, maintenance three filters: Three filters are the air filter, oil filter and fuel filter. Three filters in the car engine for air, oil and gasoline play a filtering effect, which plays a protective effect on the engine, but also improves the efficiency of the engine.

3, change the oil and filter regularly. Occurrence of any quality grade of oil in the course of CNPC quality will change, in order to avoid the occurrence of failure, should be combined with a regular oil change conditions of use, and to moderate oil (generally dipstick cap as well).

4, regularly clean the crank case. During operation of the engine, the high pressure combustion chamber unburned gas, acid, water, sulfur and nitrogen oxides through the gap between the piston ring and cylinder wall into the crankcase, and mixed with the metal powder produced by wear of the parts is formed sludge. Therefore, the crankcase should be cleaned regularly to keep the engine cleans inside.

5, the tank engine rust, scale is the most common problem. Rust and scale limit of the coolant flowing in the cooling system, reduces the cooling effect, resulting in engine overheating, and even cause engine damage. Therefore, the tank should be cleaned regularly to remove rust and scale them.

6, regular cleaning of fuel systems, controls coke formation, enabling the engine to maintain the best condition.

7, to keep the crank case ventilation. Now most of the gasoline engine are equipped with PCV valve (positive crankcase ventilation), but channeling gas pollutants are deposited around the PCV valve, the valve may be clogged. Therefore, subject to periodic removal of pollutants around the PCV valve.