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Ford Ranger Bumper Replacement

Understanding that the work that will need to go into repairing the bumper is almost equal to what you would do in replacing the bumper is a reason good enough to choose to do the replacement.

Consider The Cost

Incase cost is your major concern; you should stay assured that purchasing a new bumper will cost almost as much as the repair of the damaged one. This is on top of the fact that you will need to use different tools, paint, materials and so on.

Screws & Attachment

You will need to remember different types of screws & attachment before replacing the bumper or you will end up breaking the bumper or the attachment itself.

Remove the Cover of the Bumper

Check whether there are plastic clips inside the bumper cover. You will need to detach these in a careful manner before replacing the cover. They will then need to be welded by a professional and this can be quite difficult for plastic bumpers.

Find a Flashlight

It can get complicated to work on the bumper assembly and this also need a lot of components. Having a flashlight as your work will help you around as you search for the bolts and nuts that you would have dropped.

Have a Jack

It is always important to have a jack with you. Trying to access the underside of the bumper assembly can be quite frustrating. This is why it would be a good idea to raise the car higher in order to achieve this.

An Alternative for Jack

Where jacks aren’t available, most people choose to slide down under the car in order to get the under-side access. You should remember to wear the necessary protective clothing and goggles before doing this.

Once you have put in place a Ford ranger rear bumper, you will enjoy various benefits such as:

  • Protect your vehicle when parking. When doing a parallel parking, you can easily bump into a fence, pole or other vehicle. The cramped conditions in a garage can also be a problem when parking. When you have the rear bumper, you do not have to worry about damaging your auto.
  • Minimize whiplash. In case of a fender Bender, the Ford Ranger Front bumper will reduce the impact and therefore minimize the whiplash as well as other injuries that the car’s occupants are likely to suffer. The vertical bars will absorb any shock and this means the occupants will not feel any impact.