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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Wrong Fuel

You can set your expectations and you will never be disappointed with Wrong Fuel Expert. They deliver as promised.

  • Round the Clock Service

You may have second thoughts on calling on specific times of the day week but Wrong Fuel Expert provides you with round the clock service for free! You just need to call and tell them that you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car and you will be connected to an expert engine technician who will guide you through. All you need to do is park your car in a safe place, and Wrong Fuel Expert will provide you with their timely advice and help.

  • Immediate Response

With Wrong Fuel Experts, you get immediate and fast responses. You do not need to hold on the phone for long, Wrong Fuel Expert’s phone calls are answered immediately and timely. The technicians at Wrong Fuel Experts also arrive timely, within the first half an hour to an hour of you making the call. The experts at Wrong Fuel Experts drain the fuel and if you’ve already driven the car, then the fuel lines are also thoroughly cleared and flushed.

  • The best of the best

You will get services from nothing less than first class technicians. These technicians embody professionalism and efficiency. They are licensed and trained to treat customers with utmost courtesy and sincerity. Loyal customers attest to these traits and are never apprehensive of getting more services from Wrong Fuel Expert. This is why it comes highly recommended.

Buy classic performance parts

Performance brakes, pads and rotors: they are essential to make your car safe enough to drive and must bring your car to a stop without any screech or squeal. If the breaks have developed any sort of cracks, grooves, rust or heat spots then they must be changed. Try to get classic car and truck brake kits online so that you can get the part quickly delivered in order to complete the restoration on time.

Fuel tank: Although it may not seem to affect the performance of your vehicle a lot but they must be inspected carefully. Over the years they might corrode or develop holes, making them weaker. Theyare not easily available. For an instance if we talk about a 1963-72 chevy truck fuel tank, these are extremely difficult to find. But if you shop online, then you can get this part shipped directly to your home without going to every shop in town trying to find it.

Suspension: In the classic cars and trucks the suspension plays an important role in ensuring a smooth ride. They make your drive very comfortable. They also work as shock absorbers when you hit a bumpy road. Also they might be available in different colours so that you can match it with your cars paint.

Cooling system: in order to make sure that the engine works perfectly and does not overheat it is essential to check the cooling system. It takes away the heat from the engine and prevents it from getting damaged due to higher temperatures.

Maintain Car Wheels

Polishing and waxing

Whether you need a polish or wax for your wheels depends on the type of wheel your car possesses. You must select a chrome polish if the wheels have a chrome finish, whereas aluminum polish is ideal for aluminum wheels. Selecting a good quality automotive wax is suitable for coated or painted wheels. This will ensure that the finish is maintained. Use a clean rag for applying the polish or wax until the wheel attains desirable shine. If you are having anodized wheels, using a petroleum jelly will do the work.

Precautions related to cleaning

  • Avoid washing the wheels when they are hot. Use cold water to cool them down.
  • Wash single wheel at a time, otherwise, soap will dry and make a bond with the finish.
  • Prefer non-acidic wheel cleaner, if you are using one, as they are gentler than the acidic ones.
  • Avoid automatic car washers, as they use stiff brushes and harsh cleaners that can lead to scratches.

Remove Dent

A clean car

A clean car will also help in dent repair Yonkers. However, the thing to be careful of here is to not use a regular car soap. Use a dish washing soap instead. This might seem weird but the reason behind this is that when you use a regular car soap, it leaves residues of wax and silicone which can make it more difficult to repair the dent. Since there will be some tools that would be used during the repair, you don’t want them slipping off because of the wax.

 Bring on the hammer

This tip is for all the DIYers out there. But it goes without saying you should be careful when you try to do this. If you can access both sides of the dent, you can try using a hammer to straighten out the dent. This what you typically see when someone does a dent repair Westchester.

Bring in the heat

This is also a common process in dent removal New York, heat shrinking. By using some ice cubes and a shrinking hammer, you can shrink any metal. But you also need to have some heat source to expand the metal before shrinking it with the coolness of the ice. This change in size of the metal can cause some dent to just pop out straight. It’s like a nifty science experiment. But one should be cautious in using the heat source. Too much heat can cause more damage to your car.

The Filler

Once the metal has straightened, the job is not yet finished. A body filler should be applied on your car. But before the application, the old coating is remove. But be sure to keep an eye when removing the old coating because you don’t want too much of the metal removed. The body filler will then be applied to even out the area of the dent and they spray painted. Again, be sure that the color you are using matches that of your car.